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Hello there, I'm Touko, the one and only resident skumfuk! I'm living with identities that do not belong to me in the valley of dolls.

I'm a cosplayer, an artist whenever I'm not feeling self-conscious, a gamer by nature, a photographer at any given moment, and an Arceus-forsaken jack-of-all-trades.

Don't expect me to have new cosplays constantly. I'm lucky to get one new one per year. I'm friggin' poor until I get out of college.


Vespiquen - Typhlosion - Rapidash

A fire re-typing of Vespiquen. I did this for fun while I’m waiting for dinner. xD

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  3. thehobblefootalchemist said: hooooly crap that is awesome :O (also the art for Bantross is done and up on my blog! taking advantage of the reply thing here since your ask box is closed :3 )
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